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    Errai navigation broken on CordovaWebView

    Christian Bauer Master

      Tried the Errai tutorial after checkout from github. There is no deployed 3.2.0 SNAPSHOT of the cordova-maven-plugin. I've changed this to 3.1.2, probably won't make a difference. It would be nice if the tutorial was at least tagged, so you could checkout a 3.1.2 tutorial with matching dependencies and without having to configure the JBoss snapshot repo just to get started on your first Errai app...


      I've changed only App.java/Config.java and set my server URL, then installed on Android 5.0 emualator with the Cordova packaging. The start page doesn't show, only the empty index.html page. The reason is this code in Navigation.java: HistoryWrapper.addValueChangeHandler(...)


      This event is never triggered, my guess is because internally it does some magic with window.location and AFAIK that isn't going to work with an embedded WebView.


      Issue report? Where?