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    Versioning deployments / processes and the remote API in jBPM 6

    Chris Pike Newbie

      I'm trying to understand how versioning relates to both deployments and processes in jBPM 6.


      In my test scenario, I am building kjars with maven and deploying them to a remote jbpm console running on wildfly. I then add a new deployment unit in the console by specifying the GAV of the artifact. It appears that everytime I update the version of my kjar and create a deployment, a new process definition is created even if the version of the process is the same. Is this the expected behaviour?


      My biggest concern is that ito start processes using the remote API, It looks like I need to use the deployment id. However, if my build process updates my kjar version, all remote clients will need to be aware of the deployment version when starting processes. It seems like the client should only need to know process id and maybe process version if they don't want to use the latest version.


      Any insight would be greatly appreciated.