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    Double annotation in EJB and Rest endpoint

    cirix Newbie

      Hi my friends,

      pitching for my big blog about service discovery, I found something rather interesting:




      public MyTestEJBBean{

      @Inject MyService anInstance;



         public void registerEndpointToZooKeeper(){

            System.out.println("Doing some zookeeper stuff here");





          public void actionForGetEndpoint(){

            System.out.println("Something else happens here");




      now according to the EJB 3.1 spec the @PostConstruct should fire just after the injection of the service and invoked before the @Singleton setup the services. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the behaviour of WildflyAS 8.2.0.Final . Have you faced/wrote such an example?I can reproduce it easily. Please let me know your thoughts.