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    @Policy ignored in EAP6.2

    Jose Luiz Berg Newbie

      I am trying to implement a CXF WebService with a policy attached using annotations in Jboss EAP 6.2. (excerption of code below)



      public class UsuarioSoapServ extends WebServiceBase<UsuarioServEJB> implements UsuarioServ {



              @Policy(uri="policies/BearerPolicy.xml", includeInWSDL=true)

              public Usuario lerUsuario(@WebParam(name="bilhete") Bilhete bilhete, @WebParam(name="dnOuId") String dnOuId) {

                      return LogFinalMetodo(getService().lerUsuario(bilhete, dnOuId));




      The project is deployed correctly, but the WSDL is published without  the policy.

      No error is registered in log.


      Are there any additional configurations to use this king of annotation?