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    Problem assigning task to a user - jPBM 6.0.1

    Jeferson Dal Molin Newbie

      I'm testing a process I've created using jBPM 6.0.1 and I'm having trouble starting a new instance of this process.

      The process starts with a user task, which is assigned to a user named 'auditor'. I've configureed JAAS using UsersRoles as login module.

      I've also added the user 'auditor' to the file users.properties e his group to roles.properties file. Both the user and his group are visible to my UserGroupCallBack class.


      The problem is: when a create a new instance of the process, jBPM successfully intantiate the process, though the user task is not created and it does not appear to

      the user's task list. If I check the TASK table in H2 database, the task isn't there.


      Another test I did was: I changed the user responsible for the task to the user 'john' of jBPM. When I do that, the task is successfully assigned to 'john' user, and

      it appears in the user's task list.


      Does anyone have a clue of what is going on here?

      Is there any configuration I've missed?