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    Using OODBMS as persistece layer

    Andreas Berger Newbie


      I searched the whole JBoss forum, to find something about the use of object oriented databases but I didn't find any useful topics.

      So I'm interested in using an OODBMS (like db4objects) for making my PoJOs persistent.
      Until yesterday I thought that Hibernate would be the best solution to persist Objects. But then a friend of mine told me about db4objects and its ease of use.
      Now I searched for some facts about it and read that it is up to 44 times faster than hibernate. Unfortunately I didn?t find any useful information about using OODBMS with an application server.

      Is there someone who already used an OODBMS with JBoss and can tell me something about its performance (esp. for clustering and scalability)?


      p.s.: I?m also interested in other facts or discussions about this Topic!