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    Correct operations?

    Roberto Colmegna Newbie


      I have found a work-around for the differed (defered) inserts imposed
      from JBOSS in a REQUESTS_NEW-CMT context:

      // beans created and PK generated from DB (id-seq) [every bean
      // have the "id" Integer-pk-prop]
      ABean oABean = new ABean();
      BBean oBBean = null;
      CBean oCBean = null;

      m_oEM.persist((oBBean = new BBean(oABean)));
      m_oEM.persist((oCBean = new CBean(oABean, oBBean)));

      // at this point beans are NOT already writed to DB and an
      // EJB-query, via the obtained ids, retrieve nothing

      // inform the PesistenceManager (PM) that the beans are ready to insert

      // request to PM to re-read beans from DB (this force PM to check
      // that beans are ready for write, wrote them, and reload them)

      // NOW we can execute the SELECT for obtain ALSO the new BBean!
      Set aoBBean = ABean.getBBeans();

      It works (on JBOSS 4.0.4RC1) but It seem counter-intuitive.

      Is this the correct way to do this thinks

      Roberto Colmegna