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    Wildfly 8.2 stability and deploy problems under domain mode

    Michael Burger Newbie



      in our company there we create a new infrastructor with wildfly as application server in domain mode.


      We have 3 environments (dev+test+demo) and any environment has two nodes.


      Node1 and Node2 for DEV & TEST are on the same server, as the controller.

      Node 1 and node2 for DEMO are on a other server.


      We use MAVEN to deploy our .EAR aps on the WILDFLY. Something like this

































      Our problem is the stability of the entire system! Very Very Very often (several times a day) the sistem will not work correctly. Sometime we can not deploy on an system, the deploy hangs and after sometime it will went in timeout.

      Sometime also our apps will not respond on any request.

      So we don't know what is happen, and we get no messages on server side. So we don't know what to do but also we think we are not the only one which will use wildfly in domain mode with two and more nodes, so I think the problem is our configuration.


      So can you help us? Have you some ideas?