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    Howto SSO from remote ejb client via kerberos authentication (EAP 6.4)

    Henrik Hoffmann Newbie



      i've read EAP 6.4 supports kerberos authentication form remote ejb clients. (lookup via remote jndi)


      Actually i have a working application containing an remote ejb client, lookup ejb via remote jndi, acess secured ejb, authenticate via custom LDAP Login.

      Now i want to realize a SSO for the remote ejb client, using kerberos.


      I've tried a lot, but i have no idea how to configure my system to get it work.

      The only thing i got working was the client to retrieve the ticket from ticketCache and localy authorize against the kdc.


      When trying to get authorized acces to secured ejb i only get a message like this: "...all mechanisms has failed ..." while on the server side no loginmodule has ever worked.


      Is there any how to or quickstart example for this new feature?


      thanks for helping me