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    How to bind a DateBox  with Errai binding?

    Juan Calderón Newbie



      I'm using Errai Binding according to (Data Binding - Errai - Project Documentation Editor).


      Model >>


      .. Empleado ..{


         Date fecha;






      DateBox fechaDateBox;



      dataBinder = DataBinder.forType(Empleado.class);

      empleado = dataBinder

                      .bind(fechaDateBox, "fecha")



      When I change the fechaDateBox, it throws an UmbrellaException.


      I tried changing data-type String/Date, binding fechaDateBox.getTextBox(), .getDateTimePicker() and with a Convert.


      DateBox implements HasValue.


      So, which is the correct way to bind a DateBox with a Date property.


      I'm using the SuperDev Mode. Into Developer Tools of Chrome, the UmbrellaException is throw by the class com.google.gwt.event.shared.HandlerManager line 127


      // May throw an UmbrellaException.




      UmbrellaException_5_g$ {cause_1_g$: UmbrellaException_5_g$, detailMessage_0_g$: "Exception caught: Exception caught: 01/01/2004", stackTrace_1_g$: null, __gwt$backingJsError: Error: Exception caught: Exception caught: 01/01/2004,causes_1_g$: HashSet_1_g$…}


      1. __gwt$backingJsError: Error: Exception caught: Exception caught: 01/01/2004
      2. cause_1_g$: UmbrellaException_5_g$
      3. causes_1_g$: HashSet_1_g$
      4. detailMessage_0_g$: "Exception caught: Exception caught: 01/01/2004"
      5. stackTrace_1_g$: null
      6. __proto__: Object




      1. detailMessage_0_g$: "Exception caught: Exception caught: fecha"


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          Juan Calderón Newbie

          Into the class org.jboss.errai.databinding.client.BindableProxyAgent


          in the code:


                handlerRegistration = ((HasValue) widget).addValueChangeHandler(new ValueChangeHandler() {


                  public void onValueChange(ValueChangeEvent event) {

                    Object oldValue = proxy.get(property);

                    Object newValue = toModelValue(propertyTypes.get(property).getType(), widget, event.getValue(), converter);

                    proxy.set(property, newValue);

                    updateWidgetsAndFireEvent(property, oldValue, newValue, widget);



          this line: proxy.set(property, newValue); throws the NonExistingPropertyException for "fecha"



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            Christian Sadilek Master



            This means that "fecha" is not a valid Java property or at least it wasn't recognized as one. Do you have getters/setters for it? Can you share your complete bindable/data type.




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              Juan Calderón Newbie

              Problem/Solution found it.


              Into .errai/BindableProxyLoaderImpl.java, Errai tries to override the getters/setters of the Model; however, the setter for fecha is final, so that blocks to override the setFecha method.


              I had already removed the final but the gwt-incremental compilation is not enough to make effective the change into BindableProxyLoaderImpl. It was necessary to Clean/Build the full project; at least in NetBeans.