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    mod_cluster is not working properly with jboss

    Bharat BHushan Newbie

      Hi All,


      I have two servers, each having jboss 6.3 eap and both servers having one mod_cluster. I want to achieve HA, to resolve the single point of failure i configure mod_cluster on both the servers.


      Server1(jboss+mod_cluster+apache+haproxy)                                                                                                         Server2(jboss+mod_cluster+apache+haproxy)


      my issue is if i will stop the jboss of 1st server, my request will be redirected to second server's jboss. But if i will stop the jboss of second server after satrt of 1st jboss, it will not go back.

      in logs i am getting below error:-


      [error] ap_proxy_connect_backend disabling worker for (

      [Wed Apr 29 13:05:03 2015] [error] proxy: ajp: disabled connection for (

      [Wed Apr 29 13:05:08 2015] [error] proxy: ajp: disabled connection for (




      mod cluster version is :- mod_cluster/1.2.6.Final



      Please help me on this issue, suffering very much, have to deliver this week.