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    Understanding (invalidation) cache behavior for a REST client

    Will Smith Newbie

      Here's my config:

      Cluster_Node_A = {key1, key2, key3}

      Cluster_Node_B = {key4, key5, key6}

      Database={key1, key2, key3, key4, key5, key6}

      Loadbalancer fronts the Cluster



      Sequence of events:

      1) REST client requests for key1

      2) Loadbalancer directs client  request to Cluster_Node_B

      3) Cluster_Node_B does not have the requested data.



      Question: Does Cluster_Node_B go to Cluster_Node_A, get the data, and serve it to the REST client or does Cluster_Node_B go to the Database to get it?



      Additional info: We are doing a write-through to the database every time we write to cache, i.e., writer threads waits while data is written to Database



      Hope my question makes sense. Please let me know if you need more info. Appreciate your help!