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    Issues with CDI when injecting generic type : Wildfly 8.2.0.Final

    Srivathsan Agaram Venkatavaradhan Newbie

      We are facing weird injection issues in Widfly due to CDI changes.  We have interface

      public interface Command<I, O> {


      and many classes implement this interface  like this

      public class ApproveUserRequests implements Command<ApproveUserRequestsRequest, List<String>> {


      Application listener classes likes to get list of all classes available and uses injection like this



          private Instance<Command<I, O>> mActions;


      However instance returned by mActions were always null. After debugging source found that the only way to get list of all instances is to use



          private Instance<Command<?, ?>> mActions;


      Also we faced injection issues while using generic types  , however using wildcard type helped us.