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    jboss 5.2.0 does not recognize the CA issued certificates



      Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

      This is my first time configuring an SSL connection for Adobe LiveCycle ES4 using JBoss 5.2.0. I have followed the steps described in the attachments but to no avail. "InstructionsToCreateKeystoreAndCertificateRequest.txt". I have also added attachment "EntryForSSLInServerXML.txt" that shows entry for SSL in server.xml.


      1. Created a private key and a keystore using the following command.

      2. Requested for a certificate from our internal CA by sending them a csr file.

      3. Imported the root, intermediate and the certificate into the keystore, in that order.

      4. Updated the server.xml to point the keystore.

      5. Restarted the server.

      After connecting to the server I only see the single certificate in the browser, not the chain with root and intermediate a shown below. The one in the left is what I see in the browser and the one on the right is what I see, when I open the CA issued certificate.

      CertificateInBrowser.png CAissuedCertificate.png