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    Jboss-cli compatibility issue with jboss-as-arquillian-container-remote

    Wade Ward Newbie



      I need to control jboss deployments from a separate war. I'm attempting to use









      And I receive this error when running a Junit arquillian test


      java.lang.AbstractMethodError: org.xnio.XnioWorker.chooseThread()Lorg/xnio/XnioIoThread;

          at org.xnio.XnioWorker.openStreamConnection(XnioWorker.java:341)



      This version works




      But 7.2 is not compatible with the cli client on jboss eap 6.3 (sax parser error with jboss-cli.xml)


      Is there a dependency that works for both, arquillian and jboss eap 6.3?


      Thank you,

      Wade Ward