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    Persistent classes in second ejb module are not bound.

    Julie Chi Newbie

      The case is that myApp uses 2 ejb modules and 1 web module.

      Here is what i did:


       <description>my Application</description>

      //both of server jar files have the same structure , different content, looks ok.
      META-INF //ejb-jar.xml and jboss.xml with the correct contents
      hibernate.cfg.xml //same s , different s, see the followings :

      //hibernate.cfg.mxl in myApp-server.jar
       <mapping resource="myApp/vo/MyClass1.hbm.xml"/>
       <mapping resource="myApp/vo/MyClass2.hbm.xml"/>

      //hibernate.cfg.xml in core-server.jar
       <mapping resource="core/vo/CoreClass1.hbm.xml"/>
      <mapping resource="core/vo/CoreClass2.hbm.xml"/>

      However on the server startup i didn't see something like : Mapping resource: core/vo/CoreClass1.hbm.xml... It might be the reason for "no persistent classes found for query class: from core.vo.CoreClass1..... when calling/query on it.

      i looked into log, the ejbs in core-server.jar are deployed , however the persistent classes in core-server.jar are not bound since nothing showing up like : Mapping resource: core/vo/CoreClass1.hbm.xml,Mapping class: core.vo.CoreClass1 -> ....

      //server log
      11:01:38,537 INFO [EjbModule] Deploying myApp/ReservationServiceEjb
      11:01:38,928 INFO [EjbModule] Deploying core/CalendarServiceEjb
      11:02:11,334 INFO [Configuration] Mapping resource: myApp/vo/MyClass1.hbm.xml
      11:02:11,397 INFO [Binder] Mapping class: myApp.vo.MyClass1 -> test_table1
      i didn't see anything related to core like : Mapping resource: core/vo/CoreClass1.hbm.xml,

      So, first, i'd like to figure out what could cause the persistent classes are not mapped/bound, e.g. Mapping resource ..., Mapping class ... are not invoked. am i missing some configs here?