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    Feasibility of using Optimistic Locking managing

    Sajid Moinuddin Newbie

      Hi all,
      I am using versioning for optimistic locking pattern as described in ejb design pattern. all by business operations takes DTOs and does bulk operation. Now, I am keeping a version cmp field in my dtos and programatically increasing it for each update operation. If I find a version mismatch I am throwing exception manually. I am not using any Container specific facility because I want to keep my design container independent.

      Now, I would like to know your view on this approach. I am new to ejb and want to know how much feasible it is. And how would it relate with my container's Commit options & isolation levels?

      If I am using jboss & mysql, What should be my minimum isolation level for this approach to work? What should be my commit option?
      How do I get an isolation level which is "Read_Commited with optimistic lock" as described in ejbDesignPatterns??

      any comment will be greately appriciated.