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    Why Kie Workbench connects to http://repo1.maven.org for locally deployed maven artifacts and there dependencies

    Zahid Ahmed Prs Newbie


      I have a few questions regarding Kie-Workbench 6.1.0.Final intialization lilfe cycle. All these questions are related to the startup time that gets increased if you have lots of assets.

      As an overview, We have deployed Kie-Workbench as a central Design and Deploy application for Rules and Workflows. All developers log in to this environemtn, design and create new assets and then do the deploymment. And we have more than 20 repositories and corresponding projects.


      1. As each project has multiple versions deployed as maven artifacts, each maven KJar is loaded at startup of the server. Which adds lots of startup time. There should be some kind of Lazy load configuration or atleast LATEST version should be loaded at startup and older servers should be Lazy loaded.
      2. If any jar is removed manually Kie-Workbench tries to download assets from "http://repo1.maven.org" ignoring the repository setup given in server's .m2/settings.xml.


      Kindly let me know if we can lazy load the assets and how to make Kie-Workbanch look into the repository configured in .m2/settings.xml.



      Zahid Ahmed