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    Kie Workbench is slow at Startup with large spreadsheet rule files. What is KIE Workbench Initialization Lifecycle ? Does it loads the git and maven assets at startup?

    Zahid Ahmed Prs Newbie

      I need to know what is the initialization life cycle of Kie Workbench ? Initialization of my centrally deployed KIE WORKBENCH takes upto 20 mins and sometimes higher than that.

      1. When does it load the git repositories ? At workbench boot time ?
      2. Does it loads all the git versions of a project at boot time ?
      3. Does it loads all the dependancies at boot time ? Dependencies mentioned in Artifact Repository and the ones mentione in POMs of artifacts ?
      4. Does it load all the maven deployments at server start up ?
      5. Does it load all the maven kJar versions at server start up ?

      I feel that my server takes high boot up time as it ios trying to load all the git repositories, project dependencies, and deployments at startup.I came to this concluesion when I cleaned the git repository and maven artifacts of the workbench and it started up really quick.For information, I have few repositories and there deployments which have 5 Spreadsheets holding more than 50000 rules = 5 * 10,000. We have only one instance of KIE Workbench running with Xmx=7GB and MaxPermSpace=4GB

      1. Are we deploying the KIE Workbench the right way ?
      2. is it suppose to manage and hold large repositories? Validation of large spreadsheets take more than 15 mins each, helding the server non-responsive.

      Can I get the performance metrics for the KieWorkbench ? what is the number of rules it can validate and can hold ?