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    Remote access performance

    Marc Arndt Newbie

      Hello everyone,

      I'm currently writing an server application with java-ee for the wildfly 8.2 application server, that needs to serve multiple clients at the same time.

      The problem is, that the remote calls from the clients to the server are directly behind a GUI, which means that the possible latency is directly visible for the user, who sits before a client.

      I've tested the remote access via remote EJBs and I have seen that a normal call that needs on the server side only 0,03 seconds, takes 0,5 seconds on the client side to return.

      Nearly the same timing behaviour, I've seen using REST for the remote calls.

      The client and the server in this test setting are on the same machine and the connection is opened to localhost, which should exclude the need to send the network packets through the network.

      My question is now, if anyone else has some experiences with remote calls and its timing, and if there are some kind of settings to increase the timing of my calls because the current delay is visible to the user.


      Many Greetings and

      Thanks a lot