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    "Transaction Not Active" issue in jboss 5.x

    nitin mohan Newbie

      I am using Jboss 5.x and  facing below issue in my application.Due to this exception in one thread other thread are also effected

      it seems Jboss share Transaction with multiple threads .

      ERROR: (javax.resource.ResourceException: Transaction is not active: tx=TransactionImple < ac, BasicAction: -75f3a39c:ca13:53bf2cee:6051 status: ActionStatus.ABORTED >)


      I want to understand what is the root cause for this error and how to save other threads.As per my analysis there is no time out issue.

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          Lyle Wang Novice

          Transaction was ABORTED already when you see this log, this can be caused by different reasons, you need to check the full log to find out the root cause.

          If it's not your application aborted the tx, then you may be able to find some exception thrown from your jdbc driver or db side in the log, around this line.



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