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    using a RemoteCache for session replication

    Matt Drees Master

      Hi Wildfly folks,


      I've been looking into whether I can configure Wildfly 8.2 to use a separate infinispan server instance to store session information.


      Background: I'm wanting to dockerize one of our apps, and run it on amazon ECS. It looks session state synchronization via jgroups and such is challenging. (You have to figure out what external host/port to publish for jgroups (for transport and for failover discovery), and you have to either set up gossip router or an s3 bucket.) It would be nice if I could do this just once, for an infinispan server cluster, and then use a bunch of 'stateless' wildfly appservers that stored/retrieved session state from that infinispan cluster.


      It looks like I can set up an infinispan local-cache with an infinispan-server-backed remote-store, but I don't think this will really work correctly. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.)

      I think what I'd need is a way to define a remote-cache-container under /subsystem=infinispan. But that sort of thing doesn't exist. (Again, correct me if I'm wrong.)



      So, I probably won't go this route. But it's an idea for possible improvement.