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    Richfaces cdk events-props.xml missing

    Jorge Carvalho Newbie

      Hello friends. Here I'm trying to follow the examples in the book Practical RF 2, and in the CDK section where I learn how to Add Common Attributes I get this error when I try to build the project:


      "Caused by: java.io.FileNotFoundException: XML file not found at urn:attributes:events-props.xml"


      After I add the following snippet of code to my spinner.template.xml file:


           "<cdk:import-attributes src="urn:attributes:events-props.xml"/>

              <cdk:import-attributes src="urn:attributes:core-props.xml"/>

              <cdk:import-attributes src="urn:attributes:i18n-props.xml"/>

              <cdk:import-attributes src="urn:attributes:focus-props.xml"/>

              <cdk:import-attributes src="urn:attributes:input-props.xml"/> "


      I'm guessing these xml are no longer available in this version of RF that I'm runnning (4.3.1.Final), so what should I do to proceed with the book's example?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Michal Petrov Master



          from what I see the events-props file was split into several files (like events-key-props, events-mouse-props, the files are in richfaces-cdk/attributes/src/main/resources/META-INF/cdk/attributes). In RichFaces 4 the dependencies are defined in the Abstract<Component> class rather than the template (e.g. AbstractCalendar). Have a look at RichFaces 4 code to compare.

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            Jorge Carvalho Newbie

            Thanks again for your help, Michal. It worked. In case anyone is wondering, here is how I got the example of the book working:

            @JsfComponent(type = "org.richfaces.book.Spinner", family = "javax.faces.Input", renderer = @JsfRenderer(template = "spinner.template.xml"), attributes = {         "events-key-props.xml", "events-mouse-props.xml", "core-props.xml", "focus-props.xml", "i18n-props.xml",         "input-props.xml"})