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    SY2.0 release date?

    Anton Hughes Master



      Is Switchyard 2.0 going to be released soon? It seems to be taking a very long time.


      And I see Keith is now working on another project. Does this mean he is no longer involved in Switchyard, or is he only partially focusing on Switchyard?



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          Keith Babo Master

          I'm still involved in SwitchYard, but keep in mind that there has always been a great team of contributors driving SwitchYard.  Tom Cunningham has done an excellent job of leading the SwitchYard 2.0 effort for some time now. 

          Tom will share details of what's left for SY 2.0.0.Final, but my understanding is that the list is pretty small.  Last time this came up, I said we were close, but an exact date for release depended a lot on what issues were found by community and our own testing.  If you check out the activity in the various SY repositories (quickstarts and release in particular), you will see that the majority of work has been around testing our examples applications and making sure they work as advertised in Wildfly, EAP, Karaf, and Fuse.  Investing the extra time to make sure the examples are in good shape for the Final release is well worth the effort and wait, IMO.

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            Tom Cunningham Master

            I'm very anxious to get the release off of our plates.    The last bit for the 2.0 release is the bpel-console, which isn't installing correctly on EAP 6.4, and that issue got lost in the shuffle till the very end when we were testing the installer :





            I made a bunch of progress on that today, but ran into some problems with overlord-idp.    As soon as I can square those problems away and we have a set of steps to install the bpel-console and it works, we'll get the release out.   

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              Anton Hughes Master

              Ok, thanks for the update guys.


              Keep up the excellent work.