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    Switchyard jpa binding

    Petr Rubeš Newbie

      Hi everyone,


      i'm just starting with Switchyard, so i have a question. I am trying to work with database using JPA binding. I found an example, where is how to store data to database, but I can't find a way how to read it back. Does anybody know how to read data from database using JPA binding?


      Thanks for any advice.


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          Jorge Morales Master

          Hi Petr,

          JPA Bindings are based on Camel JPA component (Apache Camel: JPA) and as such are used to store information into a database when used as a reference (using JPA) but when used as a service (consumer) it's use case is more similar to using a queue, so polling from a database to see when an object is available, rather than reading arbitrary objects.

          For this other use case, I would recommend using a Java component, and integrating it with plain old JPA capabilities.


          Hope this helps.