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    How can i ensure the configured JBOSS EAP6.2 <async-handler> logging handler is working or not?

    Rajkumar Karuppasamy Newbie

      I am using JBOSS EAP6.2 Application server in my project. We are using default JBOSS Logging subsystem by configuring the Loggers, Handlers, and Formatters as follows,

      <size-rotating-file-handler name="ACTHANDLER" autoflush="true"> <level name="DEBUG"/> <formatter> <pattern-formatter pattern="%d %-8p (%-40t) %s%E [%c] %n"/> </formatter> <file relative-to="jboss.server.log.dir" path="activiti.log"/> <rotate-size value="20m"/> <max-backup-index value="10"/> <append value="true"/> </size-rotating-file-handler>  <logger category="org.activiti" use-parent-handlers="false"> <level name="DEBUG"/> <handlers> <handler name="ACTHANDLER"/> </handlers> </logger> 

      Due to the continuous  logging messages and Size-Rotation happens, the logging latency is increased. Hence the performance degradation is occurred. So i studied about option in JBOSS EAP6.2 and used it for reducing Logging Latency as follows,

      <async-handler name="Async_ACTHANDLER"> <level name="ERROR"/> <queue-length value="1024"/> <overflow-action value="discard"/> <subhandlers> <handler name="ACTHANDLER"/> </subhandlers> </async-handler>

      Even though still i am facing Logging latency during the Size-Rotation happens.

      My question is i have to check whether the async-handler configuration is using or not? Or Is there any other way to reduce logging latency time in JBOSS?