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    Cannot run project on Android emulator or device

    Stephen Young Newbie

      I can create, work on and import projects in JBoss Developer Tools Hybrid Mobile and run them on CordovaSim. However whenever I try to run a project on the Android emulator or device the build stops with the warning "Build failed... Build artifact does not exist". In the console is the message:



      ...../android-sdks/tools/ant/build.xml:653: The following error occurred while executing this line:

      ...../android-sdks/tools/ant/build.xml:698: null returned: 1


      After googling a bit I set the environment variables with


      export PATH=${PATH}:/home/XXX/android-sdks/tools

      export PATH=${PATH}:/home/XXX/android-sdks/build-tools

      export PATH=${PATH}:/home/XXX/android-sdks/platform-tools


      But the warnings remain. I also tried running "ant clean" in the project folder and installing the 32bit libraries lib32z1.


      My OS is Ubuntu 15.04 64-bit.


      Any assistance will be gratefully received.

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          Stephen Young Newbie

          I have been using other development tools as I didn't get an answer to this issue but it is still the case that I cannot run JBoss projects in either an Adroid emulator or actual device.


          I am also using the Genymotion emulator for other projects and it is great, really fast. But JBoss projects cannot find the Genymotion emulator either, even though the Eclipse Genymotion plugin is installed other Android projects written on Eclipse find it.