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    Does Fuse ServiceWorks = Fuse Enterprise???


      Hi all,


      I'm sorry for having to ask, but I'm confused by the names of Fuse branding. I'm looking to create a Proof of Concept for my client (i'm a contractor). I had settled on RedHat Fuse Enterprise, having found lots of great videos and documentation. I.E. I want to be able to use a structured console/process to create endpoints, queues etc, eventually in the cloud.


      When I poke around the RedHat site, I can only find RedHat Fuse and RedHat Fuse Serviceworks downloads.


      Is Serviceworks are replacement for Fuse Enterprise?

      Or is this a third product offering? If so, how do they relate to each other?? Can I get a Fuse Enterprise download on a trial basis?


      Thanks for any help/answers.. I'm under some tight deadlines to prove this software; i.e. if the PoC is built, it could lead to license sales.


      Kind regards



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          I know this answer is probably late but here it goes:


          No, they are different products. AFAIK "Fuse ESB Enterprise" is the RedHat Fuse you're finding. RedHat Fuse is an ESB technology running on top of Apache Karaf - the OSGi server - while RedHat FuseServiceWorks runs on top of JBoss EAP - the JEE6 server. Additionally, FuseServiceWorks includes the Fuse ESB technologies (e.g. Camel, CXF and ActiveMQ) + SwitchYard and Overlord. Having said that, there are basically two questions I would ask to decide which one to choose:


          1. Is it a requirement to deploy your projects on a OSGi environment?
          2. Will you need a governance technology such as Overlord?


          If your answer is YES to the first question and NO to the second one, pick Fuse. If you need JEE and/or governance, FuseServiceWorks is what you're looking for.