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    KIE Scanner - 6.1.0.Final - not Loading LATEST kJAR

    Zahid Ahmed Prs Newbie

      Problem Statement

      I am working on Drools 6.1.0.Final. And my LATEST assets are not getting loaded. We have created a kJar 1.0 with 5 rules in KIE-Workbench 6.1.0.Final. We start our application server with KContainer having ReleaseId(gtoup, Artifact , LATEST). Rules are firing. Now add another rule in workbench increment the kJar version 1.1 and perform build and deploy.  After waiting for 5mins fire the rules in application, LATEST Version IS NOT downloaded in m2 local repo and old rules are getting fired. I even tries with setting maven's update policy as interval:1, but in vain.


      KIE Scanner is only getting triggered if I manually change the latest version and last updated in  metadata.xml in local m2 repo. In this case KIE Scanner loads the new rules.


      Kindly let us know what needs to be done.


      Similar Issue :

      Below JIRA says fixed in 6.1.0.Beta4 but it still exists in 6.1.0.Final

      [DROOLS-477] KieScanner is not working as expected - JBoss Issue Tracker