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    Caching of security credentials in WIldFly-8.2

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      I would like to know how to cache security credentials in WIldFly-8.2. When I used JBoss-4.2.2.GA, it is cached with the following configuration:

      <!-- JAAS security manager and realm mapping -->



         <mbean code="org.jboss.security.plugins.JaasSecurityManagerService"






            <!-- A flag which indicates whether the SecurityAssociation server mode



            is set on service creation. This is true by default since the



            SecurityAssociation should be thread local for multi-threaded server









            <attribute name="ServerMode">true</attribute>



            <attribute name="SecurityManagerClassName">org.jboss.security.plugins.JaasSecurityManager</attribute>



            <attribute name="DefaultUnauthenticatedPrincipal">anonymous</attribute>



            <!-- DefaultCacheTimeout: Specifies the default timed cache policy timeout



            in seconds.



            If you want to disable caching of security credentials, set this to 0 to



            force authentication to occur every time. This has no affect if the



            AuthenticationCacheJndiName has been changed from the default value.






            <attribute name="DefaultCacheTimeout">1800</attribute>



            <!-- DefaultCacheResolution: Specifies the default timed cache policy



            resolution in seconds. This controls the interval at which the cache



            current timestamp is updated and should be less than the DefaultCacheTimeout



            in order for the timeout to be meaningful. This has no affect if the



            AuthenticationCacheJndiName has been changed from the default value.






            <attribute name="DefaultCacheResolution">60</attribute>



            <!-- DeepCopySubjectMode: This set the copy mode of subjects done by the



            security managers to be deep copies that makes copies of the subject



            principals and credentials if they are cloneable. It should be set to



            true if subject include mutable content that can be corrupted when



            multiple threads have the same identity and cache flushes/logout clearing



            the subject in one thread results in subject references affecting other









            <attribute name="DeepCopySubjectMode">false</attribute>





      How to do this in WildFly-8.2?