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    cmp2.x jdbc2 pm SELECT DISTINCT

    anajavi Newbie

      I have a problem changing EJB 2.1 CMP configuration to use cmp2.x jdbc2 pm container configuration.

      cmp2.x jdbc2 pm fetches all fields with single SELECT DISTINCT statement. It works normally, but when there is CLOB in a table some databases throw SQLException.

      I run tests on Sybase, HSQL, Oracle and PostreSQL. Sybase and Oracle do not permit SELECT DISTINCT on CLOB field, HSQL and PostgreSQL do.

      Is there a way to disable SELECT DISTINCT on entities with CLOBs or a way to remove fields from SELECT DISTINCT?

      Thanks in advance..

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          anajavi Newbie

          My first post was a bit messy.

          The real problem here is that I cannot use SELECT DISTINCT OBJECT (o), because it puts TEXT-fields in the DISTINCT query. With standard ejb 2.1 configuration one can use ON-LOAD, but with the new container configuration it is always ON-FIND.