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    Wildfly 8 Clustering Session Replication

    Phang wm Newbie

      Hi there,

        I want to build a wildfly clustering for my apps base the followed the example and guide


      WildFly 8 Cluster Howto - WildFly 8 - Project Documentation Editor


      A part from the guide, in the master domain.xml, hornetq-server I have added in the



      I am to test out the cluster-demo session variable for the following scenario

      1) The request put.jsp is on Slave,

      2) Shutdown Slave

      3) Request get.jsp and the request when to master.


      However the session is lost when we shutdown master

      1) The request put.jsp is on Master

      2) Shutdown Master

      3) Request get.jsp, it when to Slave server but getting null value

      I have lost the session.


      I have try on JBoss 7.1 and 7.2 all of them having the same problem.

      Did I miss out some configuration ?

      Have been try this for many days still unable to get it to run as a cluster.


      Thank you.