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    Hi number of msc threads

    Allen MILLER Newbie


      Am using eap6.3. The msc module version is 1.1.5 and running on solaris 11.


      This version of msc creates two threads for each available cpu; in this case 256 theads.


      Came across MSC-144 MSC-144] High number of "MSC service thread" in multicore Machines - JBoss Issue Tracker

      and thought I could address this issue by using one of the 'fixed' MSC module versions.


      Downloaded wildfly which used msc version 1.2.2 and replaced the 1.1.5 version with 1.2.2.


      When I restarted jboss there was no reduction in the service threads created.


      I also added the suggested system property, jboss.msc.max.container.threads but it had no effect.


      Is what I'm trying possible? Is there something else I should be doing?