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    Migrate JCA to EAP 6.3.0 (AS 7.4.0)




      Previously I have implemented JCA in EAP 6.1.0 (AS 7.2.0). Now I want to migrate all JCA dependent JARs with latest compatible to AS 7.4.0

      I am trying to find out the following jars but no luck.

      Can some one help me find or let me know if following jars that  will work with EAP 6.3.0 (AS 7.4.0)

      • annotations-4.0.0.Final.jar
      • jboss-jca.jar
      • jboss-jmx-4.0.2.jar
      • jboss-as-connector-5.0.1.GA.jar


      I have also atthed respective jars.


      Please Suggest.