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    rewrite issue

    Scott j Newbie

      JBoss AS7.1.1 Final on Linux.


      What I try to test is when ever a http requests on port 80, then resend the request to 8080.


      This is how I did it was to place the following two files under the WEB-INF directory











      RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} ^80$

      RewriteRule .* http://my_server:8080 [R,L]



      Now, testing:


      First:  http://my_server:8080  --> WORKED  (home page displayed)


      Then, http://my_server:80/    --> DOES NOT WORK((home page not displayed. No error message) .  Expect http://my_server:80/ --> resend the request to the server as: http://my_server:8080


      I have two questions:


      1) Do I need to install a jar file for org.jboss.web.rewrite.RewriteValve?  OR, the JBoss AS7 has already comes with it?


      2) What could be wrong with my setting?


      3) Does the rewite rule will force the client to resend the http request?