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    WildFly not triggering method validation automatically

    Oscar JJFxd Newbie

      I have the following structure in my project:



      public interface MyInterface {
          public String lookup(@NotNull String text);


      public class MyBean implements MyInterface {
           public String lookup(String text){
                return "found";


      public class Presenter{
          private MyBean myBean;
          public void lookup(final String term) {



      I was expecting Wildfly to call the method validation when I call lookup, causing an exception to be thrown when term is null.

      It is not happening and I have to explicitly anotate my bean with an intereceptor that performs the validation.


      Reading Hibernate Validator's documentation, it states that the validation will be automatically performed.


      What should I do to so WildFly performs the validation? Am I missing something?


      I dont't think it is important, but the lookup method in the Presenter is called using an observer design pattern.