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    Infinispan JCache configuration on WildFly 8.2

    Mashama McFarlane Novice

      I am currently using JCache annotations in an application deployed into WildFly 8.2.  I am just now realizing that I have no clue on how to configuration the backing Infinispan caches.  In the short term I need to know how to configure the caches so they can be shared by multiple applications running in the same WildFly container.  In the long term I will need to cluster the caches in either an embedded or remote architecture.


      How do I configure the Infinispan embedded caches so that multiples applications deployed to a single WildFly instance can share the same named caches?  Right now I have an application that invokes a method annotated  @CacheResult(cacheName="foo") on a given key and then subsequently another application invokes a method annotated @CacheRemove(cacheName="foo") on the same key.  The next time the first application invokes the same method it behaves as if the cache value has not been removed for the aforementioned key.  As of now I have done nothing to configure these caches aside from specifying their names in the JCache annotations annotating my methods.


      I can find nothing online except for the JCache documentation in the Infinispan docs and I am not exactly sure if/how it is relevant to using this capability on WildFly.