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    How to authenticate programmatically in Wildfly 8.2.0?


      Hi everyone!


      I have custom two custom login modules, actually one is a login module and the other a mapping module, both developed on top of PicketBox (the version shipped with Wildfly 8.2.0). I extended some of the modules already provided by PicketBox to my needs.


      When I'm using a regular JavaEE aware app, such as a simple Servlet application with BASIC authentication mechanism, it all works great. It authenticates and all the roles are mapped accordingly.


      Thing is that I have an application developed with Apache Wicket. Which doesn't work with JAAS out of box. So to overcome this problem I tried to do a programmatic login using the JAAS api. It looked something like this:


      LoginCallbackHandler handler = new LoginCallbackHandler(username, password);
      LoginContext ctx = new LoginContext("my-security-domain", handler);
      //etc etc etc


      The authentication worked  ok. But for some reason the role mapping is not. I noticed that the method performMapping() from my mapping provider class isn't even being invoked. Since everything works with the regular non-programmatic approach, I'm assuming it has something to do with the programmatic one.


      Does anyone know a way to do a programmatic login, which also triggers the role mapping module? Is there any way of doing this with the core PicketBox API?