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    Migration Woes...

    Tim Newbie


      I am moving my application from an old 3.2.1 server over to the 4.0.4 (at last). There is an odd behavior that I could do with some help on. I actually think I have worked out why but I think it indicates that I am missing something big here which could have a knock on effect. I haven't had much luck of the forum before (not sure if my descriptions are not good enough or just that no one has a clue) but I am hopping that there is some one out there who can explain what is going on!

      In my application I have an entity bean called Session, it represents a workshop / creche session
      When 3.2.1. it all works fine. However, when I deploy of 4.0.x the follow observations can be made
      1.You can get a SessionLocal via the SessionLocalHome.create()
      2.You can see the primary key of the Session bean in the logs (for example 101)
      3.You can not see the row in the database
      4.If you try to add a person to the session via a foreign key it fails because the primary key does not exist

      I changed the name of the session table to managed_session on the hunch that ?Session? was some how conflicting and now it all works fine.

      Can anyone out there please give a little more explanation to what is happening here?!?!

      Thanks in advance