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    jbpm persistence tutorials (please)

    Tajiri Ujasiri Newbie

      Perhaps I'm not looking in the right places, but I have not seen any examples/tutorials that clearly explain what I'm striving to do. 


      I have deployed an application that runs a simple process consisting of the start node, two service task nodes, and the end node.  The application is persistent and I'm using a StatefulKnowledgeSession.  Here are the things I'd like to know:


      • If the process fails before completion, how do I abort the current workitem and STOP the process from completing?  I don't want the next service task to execute until the first is successfully completed.  Currently, when I encounter an exception, which would crash the program when not running in a persistence context, I return a failure code to the workitem handler and invoke abortWorkItem(), the process proceeds to the next node.  I've seen one suggestion to use a wait state.  WHERE?  HOW
      • Explanation of status codes and states, and how they can/should be used to rehydrate a process