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    Configuring the SAX Parser of a Wildfly Instance

    Frederik M. Newbie



      i experienced a little bit in creating a little REST Webservice, deployed in Wildfly.

      To send and receive the data, i allowed both, JSON as well as XML to be sent.


      To test this Webservice and the according method, I just deployed a little "Echo" method, which just

      echoes the input data, which can be in JSON or XML Format.


      Everything works fine, but now i want to reconfigure the SAX Parser to behave differently.

      I want to allow/disallow DTD in the request.


      As a security feature it is deactivated by default (which is actually good), but i want to perform

      some tests, using DTDs.


      At which point, i have to configure the built-in XML Parser to allow DTDs? I couldn't find any help according to this problem.

      I think there are two ways in doing this. In Wildfly Configurations itself or in the according source code.


      Thank you for your help.


      Best Regards