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    Jbpm clustering Wildfly 8.1/8.2 with httpd mod_cluster

    Phang wm Newbie


      I am testing the Jbpm clustering using the guide below

      Clustering in jBPM v6 | Planet JBoss Developer

      WildFly 8 Cluster Howto - WildFly 8 - Project Documentation Editor


      Using kie-wb build download from

      Index of /groups/public-jboss/org/kie/kie-wb-distribution-wars/6.2.0.Final


      I have 2 nodes (wildfly 8) and httpd with mod_cluster installed,

      Node 1 : http://<ip address>:8330/kie-wb

      Node 2 : http://<ip address>:8330/kie-wb

      Both node I can directly login to the jbpm app.

      If it goes through httpd mod_cluster, main login page is able to load, but once login it fail to load the kie homepage

      Browser console error as below


      INFO [InitVotes] vote for: org.jboss.errai.bus.client.api.ClientMessageBus

      INFO [CDIClientBootstrap] CDI subsystem syncing with server ...

      INFO [CDI] requested server to forward CDI events for 69 existing observers

      INFO [InitVotes]   still waiting for -> [org.jboss.errai.security.client.local.api.SecurityContext, org.jboss.errai.enterprise.client.cdi.api.CDI]

      INFO [ClientMessageBusImpl$ProtocolCommandProcessor] bus federated and running.

      INFO [InitVotes] vote for: org.jboss.errai.security.client.local.api.SecurityContext

      INFO [InitVotes]   still waiting for -> [org.jboss.errai.enterprise.client.cdi.api.CDI]

      SEVERE [InitVotes] components failed to initialize

      SEVERE [InitVotes]    [failed] -> org.jboss.errai.enterprise.client.cdi.api.CDI


      If using haproxy with sticky session I able to login. However if I manually shut-down the node that I login into, I got disconnected on the browser. If refresh the page it will ask to login again, look like it failover to the other node but the session if not replicated.


      Is there a full guide or instruction on the Jbpm clustering or can suggest which subscription to buy in order to get the Jbpm clustering working ?