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    Fuse Web Socket Demo on windows using Fuse JBoss Fuse (6.2.0.redhat-092)

    Anthony Clegg Newbie

      I am trying to follow the example for the web socket feeder application. I am able to build the application using JBoss developer, I can start the fuse console server and enter commands on the karaf shell. I can installl the bundle using the command


      install -s file:C:/repos/jboss-fuse-websockets-demo/projects/jboss-fuse-websocket-demo/web/target/web-1.0.war


      But I cannot use the command stated in demo using


      install -s webbundle:mvn:com.fusesource.examples.websocket/web/1.0/war?Web-ContextPath=/activemq-websocket

      in the log file I get unknown protocol webbundle. I have seen issue ENTESB 2831 so should I upgrade to 114 or later?

      What is the best way to upgrade my existing installation?