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    Issue related to commit of sql insertion and retrievals

    Abhishek Sharma Newbie

      I am using JBoss app server 4.01 and i'm having the following issue related to insertion and retrieval of data one after the other in the same session:

      The flow is : Step 1: Enter some data through a form into table 1.
      Step 2: In the same session, through a different link the user goes to another form which needs to display data instered into table 1 in step 1.

      Now my problem :
      The data gets inserted in the table perfectly fine. But when I come to Step 2 and try and access the JSP which should display the data entered in step 1 it gives 0 rows retrieved inspite of the fact that the data is there is the table. And if I try to run the query embedded in the program separately in sqlplus it is retrieving the data, but not otherwise through the java code...

      Why is such a senario coming up ? why is the code not able to retrieve the data that is inserted in the DB in the step 1? Can there be any configuration related to commit of sql insertions being handled explicitly in JBOSS ? I have been using BroadVision server all along and it has an auto-commit facility and hence never bothered about this issue.

      Please advice on the above issue that seems to be some very trivial problem hovering around as a big bug hilighted by the client.