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    accessing tables that are not entities

    Thorsten Walther Newbie


      i have a little problem with tables that are not entities. I have an application that uses the datasource called "applicationDS". May JBoss runs on the datasource "DefaultDS" both datasources are running with mysql. So my applicaton works very well if it is mapped to datasource "DefaultDS" but when i map my application to the datasource "applicationDS" i got the error

      table not found

      This is only with a table that is not an entity table(table from a relation) it is a table that comes from domainmodel like this

      domainclass_a * --- * domain_class_b(many to many relation)

      The problem is that only this table use the datasource "DefaultDS" and not the datasource configured in the jboss-jdbc.xml file of the application.

      I hope someone can help me.

      Thanks Thorsten