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    505 error on ECSS in RichFaces 4.5.5 Final deployed on WildFly 8.2 Final

    Roger Lee Apprentice

      Finally progressed from errors in posting below. IntelliJ IDEA Artifacts issues.


      Now when I try and run my simple XHTL tab panel demo in Chrome I now get two 505 errors relating to extended CSS.


      GET http://localhost:8080/NOhaglWeb/org.richfaces.resources/javax.faces.resource/org.richfaces/skinning.ecss?db=eAG7dPvZfwAIqAOT



      GET http://localhost:8080/NOhaglWeb/org.richfaces.resources/javax.faces.resource/org.richfaces/tabPanel.ecss?db=eAG7dPvZfwAIqAOT


      I using RichFaces 4.5.5 Final deployed on JBoss WildFly 8.2 Final. Any pointers please. TIA