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    Problem: Write data with EJB, read with Hibernate

    Jörg Pfründer Newbie


      I use EJB to update a record in a MySQL 4 database.
      After this I try to read with Hibernate, but the data is not updated yet.
      After a page refresh, the new data is there.

      More Details:
      I use JBoss 4.0.2 and EJB 2.0 . The data comes by a http request, a portlet calls a stateless sessionbean and this calls a entitybean to update a record in the database. The entitiybean is configured as "Instance Per Transaction CMP 2.x EntityBean" . Then the entitybean is left and the sessionbean is left. (Then the data should be written into the database, I assumed). The portlet class reads the records of the updated table using hibernate. But now the record that should have been updated, still contains the old values.
      Then I try to call the data again (without any action) and now hibernate receives the updated record correctly.

      Is this a kind of caching problem? How can I solve this problem?
      Thanks for your reply.