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    Question about queryable nodetypes

    Wessel Nieboer Novice

      When defining a nodetype as being not queryable, all nodes under that node are not recognized as queryable either. Is this expected behavior?


      I'm asking this because we have a hierarchy to store millions of nodes (currently 25+ million nodes) in Modeshape 3.x DV, but we only care about the two deepest level of nodes. We are storing our nodes in /year/month/day/hour/ node structure, which is performing quite well. However, these date nodes should not have to be queryable, which is solved with [MODE-2401] Nodetype is queryable as supertype when noquery is set - JBoss Issue Tracker


      The problem is, when running the latest 4.3-SNAPSHOT, when adding nodes under the hour nodes, so for example /2015/05/19/14/dataNode, we would like to query for dataNode, which does *not* have noquery set. Currently this is not possible using the latest 4.3-SNAPSHOT, since they are under non-queryable nodes, is this the same behavior that will be implemented in DV 6.2, if so that is unfortunate, since it will mean we will have to index *ALL* the nodes which contain no useful information for us in order to get our deepest level indexed.


      Taking a look at, for example the reindex() method, it just returns when it finds a node which is not queryable, ignoring all the nodes below it.