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    Hibernate Inheritence: Reverse design concept problem.

    Hoagie X Newbie

      I am currently using a class called Resource as a base class for all my object data that I want to have access definitions on in the form of ACLs.

      My problem is that my application consists of several modules, each with it's own set of subclasses to the resource class.

      My problem is that hibernate uses inverse inheritence logic when it comes to defining the table mappings, namely that the superclass is 'aware' of it's subclasses (defined in the xml file).

      Is it possible to define serveral seperate subclasses in different .jar files and map them as subclasses to the Resource class, with their own .xml persistence mappings, in a manner that when the entire .ear is deployed, the database is still a single 'whole'?

      In other words, is it possible to let the mappings be done by child classes rather then the superclass?

      ps. I want to map the superclass aswell, since it's ID reference is required to map the ACLs to.