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    Threads per deployment

    Sebastian Maurer Newbie



      we are facing issues with large amounts of threads and inotify instances created by wildfly.

      Wildfly 8.2 seems to create 3 threads as well as an inotify listener for each deployment and subdeployment.

      We have a requirement to run quite a lot of deployments (about 100 EARs, containing 2-3 WARs each) and didn't face those issues with JBoss AS 7.1.


      In the attached thread dump you'll see about 500 threads apparently created for the file watchers (named "xnio-file-watcher[Watcher for..." and "Thread-...at sun.nio.fs.LinuxWatchService.poll...") and 246 weld-worker threads.


      Now i'm looking for a way to disable the file watchers and reduce the number of weld-workers.

      We do not have a requirement to modify deployments on-the-fly because we use the management interface for deployment.